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Amada Sheetworks takes an entire SOLIDWORKS model, and converts it into a programming model from which we can programme our factory machines. The result is fast, precise and infinitely repeatable work.

Perfect for batch production of identical products, and cost-effective even on relatively shorter production runs.

  • Amada Nesting software ensures sheet optimisation, enabling more cost-effective material usage
  • Amada Bend software allows programming of bending for quality control and computer aided simulated bending for testing
  • We also offer punching and bending services to companies that only requires these
  • To ensure high quality results, we constantly keep up to date with the latest manufacturing CNC software

ISO 9001 (2015): Your quality assurance
Everything we produce is done under the critically eye of our ISO 9001 (2015) Quality Management System.

To print our ISO Certificate Click here

New Technology: The cutting edge
Our skilled personnel use the following tools in our manufacturing processes. These tools are also employed when we produce ad hoc work (jobbing) for clients.