• Catering equipment design,
    manufacture and installation –
    the complete solution
    for hardworking kitchens


We "research & develop at short notice" in order to react swiftly to client's needs. When designing new products, we use sophisticated Solid Works design software. This allows us to determine early on in the process which approach will lead to the best performance. It also enables us to do rapid prototyping, which can get our client to market rapidly.

  • Our qualified design engineers design anything that can be made of sheet metal
  • We consider all variables pragmatically to ensure quality at low cost
  • We use various types of testing equipment and software to measure and optimise the performance of products

Design Office: Show us your sketch and we’ll design.

Metnor has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the catering and hospitality industries for over 24 years.

With the latest in 3D solid modelling software, we are able to take a customer's hand-drawn design sketch and produce photo realistic renderings. This means you can better visualize what the end product will look like in your kitchen, factory or store.

SOLIDWORKS accelerates design, saves time and development costs, and boosts our productivity. The software allows us to design, test and prefix parts together to ensure the correct manufacturing techniques can be used to develop the product.

SOLIDWORKS also helps us with fault-finding in a particular design, and allows the design team to correct potential errors before the equipment gets produced.